"Humans are nothing but food before your Greatness!" ― Shiranui, Episode 18

Shiranui was a lonely fisherman that first appeared in Episode 16. At first, he seems to be the owner of two huge shark demons, Jiromaru and Saburomaru. But in reality, he is more of a slave to them. He committed suicide by detonating a set of bombs that triggered a huge explosion on a cliff, which set off a landslide, in an attempt to take down every present being and bringing them along with him to the afterlife to meet with his fallen shark brethren.


Shiranui is a youthful fisherman of a slim build. His hairstyle is somewhat similar to Dororo's, with black spiky hair tied up to a thick, bushy ponytail, along with an undershave.

The 2019 anime adaptation changes him significantly, as his skin is tanned, has scars over his body and misses his right arm, which he fed up to the sharks.


Shiranui is consistently depicted as a young man transformed by the horrors of war. Having his loved ones taken away, he forms a bond with the Shark Demons, declaring he loves them over humans, marvelled by what he believes is the sharks' superiority over humanity's frailty, and is more than willing to sacrifice any person to them as food. The 2019 anime, goes further and suggests he has cannibalistic tendencies. He can be brash, arrogant and even provocative at times.


When Shiranui was a small child, his family was killed by war.

At some point in time in his current years, Shiranui encountered two demon sharks, Jiromaru and Saburomaru. He was fascinated by them, but at the same time pitied them due to their sorry state of being in need of food. Due to this, he made a choice to sacrifice his right arm to feed the starving demons, from which they were grateful for. Since then, not only did Shiranui find his second family, but also took on the responsibility of being the caretaker of the two sharks. In addition, the sharks have developed an appetite on human flesh. At first, Shiranui fed dead corpses to them, but as time passed, the sharks wanted more. He then moved to feed them live women and children. Time and time again, the sharks' appetite grew. To satisfy their demonic hunger, Shiranui led them to massacre an entire fishing village, annihilating every resident and reducing it to nothing more than a desolate ghost town.


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