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The Shark Demons were two huge sharks under the command of Shiranui and one of the twelve demons that made contact with Daigo Kagemitsu. The Sharks have been revealed to be Jiromaru and Saburomaru, which have been presumed to be siblings. They were ruthless, relentless creatures, which never hesitated to devour their victims after being given the command by their master to do so. They were the demons that took Hyakkimaru's left leg.


The Shark demons took forms after Kagemitsu Daigo struck a deal with them along with 11 other demons offered his son twelve parts of the body.

Not much was known about the two sharks beforehand, but only that Shiranui witnessed them starving, and thus sacrificed his own right arm to feed the two. Since then, the sharks had developed an appetite solely on human flesh. At first, they fed on dead bodies. From there, their desire shifted to something fresher, and thus Shiranui fed live women and children to them. Soon after, their hunger became nearly-unstoppable, and as a result, massacred an entire fishing village.


Jiromaru (二郎丸, Jirōmaru) is one of the sharks under Shiranui's command. Its name means "Second". Following the death of Saburomaru, in its fury and anguish, the Shark transformed into its true form after devouring the flesh of its former sibling. It tried to swallow Dororo whole but was later killed by Hyakkimaru after he arrived just in time to save her.


In normal form, Jiromaru appears just like an ordinary Great White Shark, albeit larger due to its demonic nature.

Jiromaru attains its demon form after devouring the flesh of its fallen sibling in a fit of pure rage. This form takes on a more grotesque-looking appearance, with pale white skin and widened-eyes, with which it forms wrinkles. Its mouth and teeth are completely soaked with Saburomaru's blood. From its body protrudes spikes and rib bones, piercing Jiromaru's body from the inside and thus causing it to bleed. Its pectoral fins have turned into large, webbed flippers with claws protruding from them. Overall, Jiromaru's body has increased in size and muscle mass, and its tail has lengthened. Its underbelly has swelled up to a considerable amount to the point where blood vessels can be visible.


Saburomaru (三郎丸, Saburōmaru) is another of the sharks under Shiranui's control, alongside Jiromaru. Its name means "Third". It was killed by Itachi along with his brethren when Dororo served as a bait to lure it out from the water.



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