Saburota is a character appears in Episode 20. He claim to be courageous man and wanted to kill the demon. But in reality, he's a coward that submitted himself to Nue after being frightened to death of seeing people body parts eaten by the demon. From that day onwards, he even helped the beasts to lure any traveller into its territory and devour them bit by bit.


Saburota is a samurai that wears yellow sleeves and brown pants for his outfit. He had scar marks on his chest after being slashed by the demon.

In the Original Manga, a kanji is written on his Kimono which means, "Obey no One".


Chapter 16
Saburota was a swordsman who seeks to rule the the samurai's land who took shelter within an abandoned house to look out for their base. When he saw the army coming in and out the base with Midoro, Saburota stated that such horse would be necessary for him to be able to rule the samurai's lands.

Saburota and Midoro confronted by Hyakkimaru

When Hyakkimaru is looking for the rouge Midoro, he took shelter within the abandoned house. To his surprise, he was greeted by Saburota, who then asked him whether or not he was also using the house as a lookout post to look at the samurai’s base just as he did, which Hyakkimaru declined. When questioned about the demonic horse, Saburota claimed that he had not seen any horse. Instead, he challenged Hyakkimaru to a duel as soon as the fire pit goes off, which Hyakkimaru reluctantly agreed to. Their duel didn't come however, as sunrise came before the fire actually goes off.Seeing Daigo's flag being waved in the battlefield, Saburota decides to work under him to reach his goal and left Hyakkimaru.

When Hyakkimaru chased down Midoro however, he saw Saburota riding Midoro, stating that he just acquired it and complimented the horse for its strength. When being told that the horse was actually a demon, Saburota declined giving the horse to him and knocked him off before rampaging the village by trampling the villagers. To increase the damage of Midoro's trampling, Saburota soon attached spikes to Midoro's horseshoes. They were then defeated by Hyakkimaru, with Saburota being knocked out and Midoro running away.

Chapter 17

Saburota, now working directly under Kagemitsu Daigo, attacked Oyone's village along with his army. When he met Hyakkimaru once again, he saw Daigo's orders as a chance to have a rematch with Hyakkimaru. As Hyakkimaru was blinded by the light as he regained his eye back from recently killing a demon, Saburota took the chance to inflict damage on him with his spear. Before he could, however, Hyakkimaru was shielded by Oyone, who died in the process. Filled with anger, Hyakkimaru punched Saburota into a river, which he later shamefully pulled himself out of.

Saburota was a swordsman who once lived in a village along with his mother. One day, while the two were going on a stroll across the forest, they were attacked by the demon, Nue. Frightened, Saburota dropped his piggy-backed mother and carelessly swung his sword, but with little to no effect. When he ‘s finally able to make his way back to the village, the frightened villagers commented on the decapitated hand on his sword sheet, which he soon realized was his mothers’, which he slashed through when she grabbed him while being pulled away by the Nue. Saburota then sought to take revenge on the Nue by taking in various swordsman to defeat it, only to end up with loosing, with him always being the lone survivor due to him cowardly fleeing from the battles. After many times losing, he finally gave up and submitted himself to Nue, pledging to give it as many humans to feed on as it pleased.
Episode 20
When he met Hyakkimaru and Dororo, he saw them as yet another prey for the Nue and like to the other swordsman, pretended to ask for their help to defeat the Nue. When both him and the Nue was backed to the corner by Hyakkimaru, Saburota gave himself up to be fed by the Nue, turning it to a Hybird which also shares conciousness with him. However, they were soon once again defeated by Hyakkimaru. Saburota taunted him for the last time, by which Hyakkimaru responded by decapitating him fully. Hyakkimaru's hatred grew as the result and lead to his own aura resembling a demon.



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