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Sabame (鯖目, Sabame) is the landlord of a mountain village that appeared in Episode 14 and 15. He had been hypnotized by Maimai-onba to become her lover and was manipulated to kill Hyakkimaru and Dororo so that her offspring can eat them. He is the one responsible for the death of the Jishō Nun after being exposed by her, as well as the mastermind behind the burning of the orphanage.


Sabame is a man of average build and wears a traditional persimmon-coloured men's kimono that has big, pink flower prints with white outlines on them, as well as long, baggy maroon burgundy pants that goes over his knees. For his footwear, he wears black tabi socks and straw sandals.

Overall, Sabame has a rather peculiar look on his face, with his usual widened eyes seemingly akin to that of a fish's. His thick lower lip is also protruded in a way that makes his face in a constant pouting expression.


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For a long time, Sabame oversaw the social unrest and bloodshed that ravaged his village. Many of the villagers at that time were constantly pillaged and killed by raids organized by brigands; Samurai who escaped war. As the population depleted, the farming fields were then left unattended to. Due to this, the land also became ravaged by ferocious wild beasts and insects, and thus the village was plagued with famine and war.

The raids from the brigands, attacks from the creatures, and the rising level of hunger turned the village folk against each other, with villagers stealing from one another to the point where some would murder others just to snatch some food.

At some point in time during the unrest, Sabame encountered Maimai-onba. He then made a pact with the demoness: that she and her offspring will protect his village and its folk, in exchange for child sacrifices.


Following the burning of the rice storage that kept most of Maimai-Onba's offspring (in larvae form), the demoness sent the rest of her offspring (in adult form) to attack the village, setting the land ablaze. Unable to handle the burden and seeing history repeat itself once more, Sabame went insane and committed suicide, leaving the villagers to fend for themselves against another impending famine.



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