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"What a kind child you are, Dororo." ― Okaka, Episode 13[source]

Okaka (おかか, Okaka) was a young lady who lived in a small cottage which Dororo and Hyakkimaru encountered along their journey. She initially appeared to be a kind, compassionate individual, allowing the two to stay in her cottage for shelter. However, she was, in truth, the spirit of a Buddha Statue carver who lived a very long time ago. She was resurrected by a vengeful spirit that resides within the stone Fudo Buddha statue which she carved in her previous life, to find a perfect face for it.

She was killed by the Fudo statue with the blade it carried.


Okaka took on the appearance of a fair lady, who, as described by Dororo, bears a striking resemblance to his mother, from her face to her voice. She has very long, thick and messy hair that extends all the way down to just below her knees.

When reverting back to her true appearance, her face changes, having more cat-like eyes.



In her previous life, Okaka was a renowned Buddha statue carver, known amongst villagers to carve kind, smiling faces on his statues. However, as wars waged on, people wanted to see more of Fudo statues having a fierce expression instead of the kind expression that the carver was most skilled at making. Because of this, fewer people came to see him, and the carver was slowly forgotten.

Angered by this, the carver wanted to find a way to get back at everyone and show them that he was indeed capable of producing such fierce faces for his statues. For this, he decided to use a giant eroded boulder in the shape of Fudo which he found by a waterfall to create his masterpiece. He carved the boulder with his fine skills, having no problems with carving its body, hands, and legs. But as he started on the statue's face, he suddenly had the ambition to carve a magnificent face like none other.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, all he could ever carve were the kind faces he had seen before. Years passed, as he continued the cycle of carving and destroying the face of the Fudo statue. Soon enough, time caught up to him, but he was still unable to carve out a satisfactory face. He died in his chagrin.

After his death, a vengeful spirit took residence within the Fudo statue to settle the carver's old scores. Because the spirit wanted a face very badly, the Fudo revived the carver as Okaka and ordered her to bring it live humans so as to take the victims' faces for itself. Since his resurrection, the carver has taken on the usual appearance of a woman, although she is capable of shapeshifting her face to impersonate other people but unable shapeshift to Hyakkimaru's mother, Nui No Kata due to him being blind.


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