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The Nue (鵺, Nue) was the demon that appears in Episode 20 and one of the twelve demons that made a pact with Kagemitsu Daigo. According to the Manga, this demon was formed by other demons that were killed by Hyakkimaru in the past, which then merged into one gigantic being. It was slain again by Hyakkimaru.


The Nue is a giant chimera-like demon, with its huge size towering over any human. It has a face that resembles an oni, with menacing red eyes within black eye holes, coupled with a large pointed nose and a wide mouth with large, sharp teeth. It has spikes jutting out from its chin and cheeks on its burgundy-coloured face.

It has the thick, wild mane of a lion and a muscular body. The stripes on its torso and forelimbs resemble that of a tiger's, while its hindlimbs are of an eagle's. It has tufts of white fur that grows on its lower torso and lower back, as well as on both of its calves. Lastly, the Nue has a long, green serpentine tail. Later on, it grows wings within its body after devouring Saburota and its face is restored by the body of samurai, that covered the half of its face after being sliced by Hyakkimaru.



  • Similar to the Kamaitachi, the Nue is a legendary yōkai in Japanese folklore. Common depictions of this creature include having the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki (raccoon dog), the tail of a snake and limbs of a tiger. They are considered to be evil creatures and are known to bring about destruction to those who have crossed their paths.


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