Nota (ノタ, Nota) is a puppy and tritagonist alongside Hyakkimaru and Dororo, which accompanies them in their journey in the 1969 anime series Dororo to Hyakkimaru. In the 2019 anime adaptation, Nota was made into a minor character instead and made a brief cameo appearance in the first episode.


Nota is a small pup with white fur and black patches on its right eye and ear, as well as its back. Its appearance has remained the same in both anime adaptations, but the 1969 show has Nota wearing a small hat with its straps tied to its chin.


Like most dogs, Nota is a stalwart and loyal pup who is protective of companions whom it shares a close bond with, such as Hyakkimaru and Dororo. When one of its companions is trapped or in danger, Nota will run off and search for the other companion, barking relentlessly to get their attention and let them know about the situation.

Being a dog, Nota is able to sense evil spirits or malicious intent within people. However, its only signs of warning people are through barking, which many (including Dororo) interpret to be Nota just being noisy and playful. Due to the communication barriers, its warnings are waved off at times. Yet, even if its companions pay no heed to its warnings, it holds no grudge against them.

Nota is also a lionhearted canine, willing to risk its life and protect its companions from any form of danger. It will not hesitate to fight against enemies far bigger in size or acting as a decoy to distract enemies so that its companions can seize the chance to escape or attack.


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