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Munetsuna is the father of Okowa and is known as the best swordmaker in the land. He is the one who sharpened and fixed up Hyakkimaru's arm blades. Although he makes a living by making swords, he has expressed discontent with the products he has made and wishes that he would make a sword for peace and not bloodshed.


Munetsuna is a tall man of muscular build with tanned skin and has a gruff expression on his face. He has a wide mouth that, together with his brows, form a natural frown. He has his hair tied back to a ponytail and has present sideburns, with strands of facial hair poking out from his cheeks.


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He was arguably the only person in his village to have the Amanojaku's opposite powers nullified because of protection from the masks of the god Hyottoko.

Abilities and Power

Blacksmith: Munetsuna is a powerful blacksmith and earn himself as the best swordmaker. He can fix broken swords and sharpened them to become more powerful than before.


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