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Maimai-onba (マイマイオンバ, Maimai-onba) was one of the twelve demons that made a contract with Daigo Kagemitsu. She also formed a contract with Sabame: in exchange for providing her and her children with food and shelter, her brood will prevent any harm from coming to Sabame's village. She attempted to kill Hyakkimaru and Dororo, so her offspring can eat them. However, she was unable to succeed and was immolated by Hyakkimaru afterwards at the river. It was the demoness that took Hyakkimaru's spine.


In her human form, Maimai-onba takes the form of a fair woman of a slim build, with white, long flowing hair. Her clothing is very similar to the traditional dancers that performed in Sabame's home, albeit in a different colour.

When transformed to her moth demoness form, she takes the form of a gigantic furry moth, whose physical appearance seemingly resembles that of the Silkmoth. Maimai-onba has grey feather-like antennae and has a human-like head with 3 pairs of eyes. She is mostly covered in fur: on her thorax, abdomen, and legs. She also has two pairs of white wings with grey swirly patterns on both the overside and underside, as well as red-coloured coastal margins.


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Maimai-onba took form after Kagemitsu Daigo struck a deal with her along with 11 other demons offered his son twelve parts of the body.

Sometime later, while still in possession of Hyakkimaru's spine, she came across Sabame's mountain village, wrecked by chaos. In exchange for protecting Sabame's village and allowing it to prosper, she demanded food and shelter. To this end, the villagers offered up the children from Jishoni's temple as food for her brood and Sabame took her in as his bride.


  • Maimai-onba is the second demon in the anime to have a human disguise, with the first being Bandai. However, she is arguably the first demon to have a full human disguise.
  • In the 2019 anime, she made a contract with two different people: Kagemitsu Daigo and Sabame. In the original, she merely hypnotized Sabame into doing her bidding. It is unknown exactly what she did for the former.
  • Maimai-onba's demon forms have changed greatly throughout the different adaptations of the Dororo story.
    • In the 2004 PS2 video game Blood Will Tell, Maimai-onba's demon form resembles that of a butterfly instead of a moth, and retains some of her feminine features such as her human body.
    • In the 1969 anime, Maimai-onba's demon form resembles a traditional Japanese Noh theatre performer of the Onryō character category, especially with her wild, mane-like hair.



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