Kamaitachi (鎌鼬, Kamaitachi) is a demon with large claws that attacked younger Hyakkimaru. It is one of the demons who were drawn to Hyakkimaru's unnatural powers, prompting Jukai to teach swordsmanship to the boy.


The Kamaitachi is a beastly creature whose features include a wolf-like head with white whiskers and sharp teeth. It also has a long neck, stout body, muscular legs and a longer, slender tail. Its entire body is covered in white fur which is jagged around almost every edge. It has 3 fingers on each hand, from which protrudes long, scythe-like claws from its second and third fingers, and a shorter claw on its first. Its feet also has claws.



  • The Kamaitachi is based on a yōkai of the same name in Japanese folklore. Its name, when translated, means "sickle weasel", which alludes to its long curved claws on its hands and generally slender body.


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