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Jorogumo (絡新婦, Jorōgumo) is a spider ghoul that Hyakkimaru first encounters feeding on a man. After wounding her, she takes the guise of a beautiful woman and escapes into a nearby village.


While she initially intends to feed on Yajiro in order to regain her strength, she develops a fondness towards him and decides against it, growing weaker due to being cut off from her food source. She presumably escapes the village with Yajiro, who had been helping the other quarry workers escape the harsh working conditions, narrowly avoiding death when Hyakkimaru suddenly perceived her soul as non hostile.

She heavily relies on feeding on humans and grows weak when she abstains from it, though she claims that humans are a precious resource and refrains from killing them in the interest of feeding on them again.


When in her human form, Ohagi is seen as a slim, elegant woman dressed in an offwhite kimono with a few pink flowers sprinkled near the end of it. She has long black-brown hair that trails off near her thighs, as well as bangs that end just above her eyebrows.

Ohagi has unusually pale skin and slender navy blue eyes, accompanied by thin eyebrows of the same color as her hair.



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