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The Jisho Nun Ghost (慈照尼の霊, Jishōni no rei) is the spirit of a deceased nun and a minor character who once ran an orphanage in the mountains. Some time ago, She, along with the orphans and the orphanage, burned down in a fire caused by Sabame after discovering that the landlord had made a pact with Maimai-onba to keep the land prosperous by sacrificing travellers and animals to feed the demoness and her offspring.


As a ghost, she has a lean, bony figure, with grotesque-looking physical features. She has an abnormally long neck and extended & thickened trapezius muscles. She has an oblong-shaped head with two dents at each side. She is mostly bald, except for a long wavy split-fringe on her forehead. She has neither eyelids nor eyebrows and has large, pale blue lips.

She wears her black robe tied together with a sash at the waist; the same one which she wore when she was still alive as a nun. However, it is now heavily torn and tattered, with the sleeves and edges all ragged and frayed. Her robe was loosened and torn to the extent that it cannot cover her shoulder, barely covering her bosom and exposing her cleavage. She also holds a stick, although her reasons for usage are unknown.



When she was still alive, she was an elderly nun that took in children in an orphanage located close to Sabame's little mountain village. However, she soon discovered the dark dealings that the landlord had engaged with. Sabame soon took notice of this, and thus in an effort to silence her, murdered her as well as commerced the villagers to abduct the orphans to be fed to Maimai-onba. He already knew that some orphans were to escape, so he ordered the villagers to burn down the orphanage itself by dousing it in oil before setting it alight, eradicating most evidence.


Sometime after the incident, the restless souls of the nun and the deceased children took physical forms as spirits, approaching any passing traveller in hopes of revealing to them the truth and avenging their deaths. They were usually found near the grounds of the orphanage where its charred remains still stand.

It is unknown whether the spirits of the nun and the children have been laid to rest following the destruction of the village, presumably had gone afterlife.



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