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Hyogo (兵庫, Hyōgo) was one of the swordsmen in service of Tahomaru. He, Mutsu, and Tahomaru had given themselves up of being humans and became demons. He was also the younger brother of Mutsu. He was killed by Midoro after his head got bitten off.


Hyogo when he was young.

He is a tall and muscular man. He has short black hair with long sideburns that point upwards at the the tip.

As an adult for upperwear he wears a black long suikan over a dark teal kimono and a white nagajuban. On the bottom he wears a grey bakama with black suneate or shin guards and black tabi with regular zori. His suikan bears a single Daigo family crest and he wears the same eboshi hat as his elder sister

After replacing his lost left arm with Hyakkimaru's stolen arm, the left sleeves of his outfit are ripped off to show his muscular arm with a sudden taper to hyakkimaru's sickly grey arm


Hyogo is a very brave man. Where he is willing to sacrifice himself to save people, during battling with the crab demon Bakemonogani. Like his elder sister, he is very loyal to Tahomaru and despises using helpless people as hostages which he considered cowardice and not the way of a true warrior as Kagemitsu ordered his men to capture Dororo even though being with Hyakkimaru.


During the warring state, he and his elder sister were imprisoned by enemy forces. Until Kagemitsu Daigo rescued them and was impressed by their skills. He took them to his house and introduced them to Tahomaru, training and educating day by day, slowly become his son trusted loyal servants. He lost left arm by Hyakkimaru's newly strong blades. In the final battle, Hyogo got his head bitten off by Midoro, killing him instantly.








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