Hibukuro (火袋, Hibukuro) was the leader of a bandit clan devoted into raiding samurai forts and giving their acquired fortunes to poorer villagers. He was the father of Dororo.


Hibukuro is a tall, muscular man who has a stern-looking expression on his face. He has thick, bushy eyebrows and long hair that is tied up to a ponytail. In terms of facial hair, he has a few stubs of hair growing on his chin and has sideburns. He has visible scars on his body, with cross-shaped scars on his left cheek and left upper arm, and slit scars on his right upper arm.

In terms of his outfit, Hibukuro wears a furry vest with bandages tied around his wrists, as well as baggy pants with a long piece of cloth tied around his waist in a knot. He is often seen wielding his trusty Naginata, a spear sword.


Hibukuro is an honourable leader who will stand by his morals and fight for the sake of the poor, no matter what it takes, to give them their acquired fortunes stolen from the samurai. He also won't tolerate any traitor, especially those who have sided with Samurai, because of the latter's cruel tendencies of taking many innocent lives during the warring state.


He was ultimately killed by Daigo Samurai forces after his forces being ordered to kill any suspected that affiliated with the poor village have any relations with bandits, including witnesses that saw the horrifying crime done by them.


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