The Story of Daigo (醍醐の巻, Daigo no Maki) is the 1st episode in the Dororo (2019) anime TV series.



In Japan's Warring States period, Lord Daigo Kagemitsu makes a pact with 12 demons, offering them his unborn son in exchange for the prosperity of his lands. Years later, young thief Dororo is attacked by a ghoul but rescued by a mysterious boy, whose body parts turn out to be almost entirely prosthetic.


  • The episode is based mainly on the first and second chapter of the manga. However there are some differences
    • In the manga, Daigo makes a pact with 48 demons and after murdering the monk who guards the temple, it's offered as sacrifice after Kagemitsu gets his mark. In the anime, the demons are only limited to 12 and the scenes limits only to the assasinate of the monk. 
    • In the manga, Hyakkimaru's body as a newborn wasn't shown on chapter 1, after he was born, he was covered in bandages and left in a small basket at the river with the presence of their parents. In the anime however, Hyakkimaru's body was shown he lacked of many parts of his body as well as his skin. He was left at the river on a boat and covered with a purple blanket. However, their parents weren't present.
    • In the second chapter, it's shown that Hyakkimaru talked towards the persons who were beating up Dororo as well as the first ghoul was shown on-screen. Despite having slain the ghoul, he didn't recover any part of his body. In the anime, Hyakkimaru stayed in silent and only went to slay the demon. After sheathing his arms with the help of Dororo he recovers his skin.
  • This is the first on-screen ghoul Hyakkimaru slays, thus the part of his body he recovers is his skin,


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