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“We save people and get money doing it.
Great, huh?”

―Dororo in the 2019 Anime, Episode 2

Dororo (どろろ, Dororo) is the titular character and deuteragonist of the show. He is a young orphaned thief, who wanders around all on his own seeking opportunities to steal and cause troubles. After Dororo was rescued by Hyakkimaru from a demon, he joins him in his travels and adventure.

In the final chapter of the manga, it was revealed that Dororo was actually born as a girl, but had lived as a boy for as long as he could remember. This could be due to his parents, who raised him as a male instead of a female since birth. Dororo refuses to speak or dress femininely. In the manga, he often announces that he is a boy when others have called him a girl.

Note: Dororo's gender is debatable. Dororo is born a girl, but acts as a boy through the entire series, with the 2019 anime possible showing that Dororo accepted being a girl. However, as that is still speculative and Dororo acts as a boy through the entire series (for whatever reason), the article will use "he/him" pronounce for Dororo.


Dororo is a small-boned child with brown eyes, black spiky hair which is tied into a short ponytail.

He wears a tattered, sleeveless green robe that bares the centre of his chest. It is secured by a thin white cloth tied on his waist along with a small rag bag. He also wears a brown ribbon as a necklace and bandages on his wrists and ankles.

During in his teen, he wears a red outfit that covered his inner sleeve, presumably to be Kimono with a long hair that tied to the end that resemble of his mother.


Despite looking young and innocent, Dororo is a cheeky, mischievous thief who plays nasty tricks on others to achieve his ways. He seems to be arrogant and reckless, occasionally claiming credit that was meant for others. On top of that, he also has a determined attitude, making his fond of trouble.

Like children his age, Dororo is curious and daring as he shows no fear of Hyakkimaru's abnormal presence and approached him without hesitation. Often times he shows his care to the people around him; generously, he fetches Hyakkimaru's misplaced prostheses with acquiescent and provides aid on simple tasks he is unable to do himself. Although he sometimes displays a harsh and rude behaviour to Hyakkimaru, Dororo is quite clingy to him.

The 2019 Anime portrayal of Dororo seems more laid back, caring and thoughtful compared to the other versions; this displays Dororo as a more childish and rude troublemaker.



Dororo was born to bandits, Hibukuro and Ojiya. His father was killed by a samurai and followed by his mother who froze to death in a blizzard, leaving Dororo alone to survive. Before Dororo's mother died, she drew a map to the money hidden by Dororo's father on his back.


Hibukuro and Ojiya

Hibukuro and Ojiya were Dororo's parents. Hibukuro was killed by Itachi's forces and Ojiya died by cold weather. Before her death, she entrusted the mark of the treasure map to Dororo by imprinting it on his back.


After Hyakkimaru saved his life, Dororo decided to travel with the ronin, for Dororo's works to kill any demons or monster who has his body parts in exchange for Dororo to gain wealth. Later, the duo became best friends as Dororo address Hyakkimaru as bro. Hyakkimaru would save Dororo if he got captured by anyone. Hyakkimaru tries to save Dororo from drowning of getting stuck from a pile of rock until Biwamaru arrived and saved Dororo although his sword broke.

After killing all the demons, Dororo decided to go with Hyakkimaru back to his homeland to kill Kagemitsu Daigo.


Dororo befriended with the monk priest, Biwamaru. The old monk always been advisable to Dororo and Hyakkimaru. When drowning, Biwamaru sacrifice his sword's blade to save Dororo.

Nui No Kata

Nui freed Dororo and escaped together from the domain due to his connections with Nui's eldest son, Hyakkimaru. Dororo address Nui as "Bro's Mama". Dororo has faith on Nui to tell to Hyakkimaru that she loves him.

Power & Abilities

  • Physical Abilities - Dororo is no stronger than average, but he has a strong arm which he uses to throw rocks.
  • Rock-throwing - He is skilled at throwing rocks and able to hunt poultry with only a stone. [1] Dororo is shown to disarm Kagemitsu Daigo before he can attack Dororo by hurling a pebble onto Daigo's hand. [2]


Anime (2019)


  • Dororo makes an appearance in Young Black Jack, where he is an alternative character named Roro.


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