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The Daigo Clan was a family clan where Hyakkimaru hails until his father, Daigo Kagemitsu abandoned him after made pact with the 48 Demons. However, With Kagemitsu's greedy ambitions, this family bloodline possessed a curse of each 2 of 4 family members joined together and betrayed the other 2 family members and both sides ended up fighting against each other. Two sides are opposed sides with the same coin. The eldest son, Hyakkimaru and the former matriarch, Nui No Kata fights for good for their righteousness, while the patriarch and head of clan, Kagemitsu and the second son Tahomaru fights for evil for their tyranny for their so-called "protection and peace" `which it is unleashed the demons and monsters across the entire land to wipe out inhabitants.

In the final war, The Daigo Clan gathered troops and built defenses to wage war against the archenemy clan, the Asakura Clan and their 3500 troops. However, due to Hyakkimaru destroying their defense lines, They are in a disadvantage and war was lost even retreating to the domain will not save Kagemitsu either as there's too many of them. They are emerging defeat by the Asakura Clan. Despite of this disadvantage and suicide, Kagemitsu carries on to the war. Nui and Tahomaru died from the domain collapse. Kagemitsu has passed away from the side-effects making pact with the demons. Leaving Hyakkimaru as the last survivor of his near extinct family.


The family's crest is shape of a 3-bladed star.

Family Members

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