Ayakashigi (屍木 Ayakashigi) is a demon tree that produces bloodthirsty ghouls from within its fruits. Jukai first encountered the ghouls after they attacked and killed nearby thieves who looted Jukai's prosthetic parts in hopes of selling them. They were soon killed by Hyakkimaru's intervention. However, until the heart of the tree was destroyed, the ghouls continued to produce.


The Ayakashigi takes the form of the old tree with a heart inside its core, circulating its life force to the premature ghouls held within its fruits. When ready, the ghoul-fruits will automatically drop from the tree. From there, the fruit will open and reveal a small ghoul. Through little time, the ghoul will grow to its full size.

The Ghoul, by itself, is a beast with a huge fanged mouth and no eyes. It has the mane of a lion and the arms of a chimpanzee, with sharp, black claws.



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