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Asura was one of the twelve demons that made a contract with Kagemitsu Daigo, he was the last to be introduced. Since its debut in Episode 12, it had appeared as a statue, situated in the shadowy backgrounds of the Hall of Hell. It wasn't long until it made its actual physical appearance in Episode 22 and 23, possessing Tahomaru and formerly Mutsu and Hyogo after making a pact to him to restore them with Hyakkimaru's own eyes and arms after being sliced by Hyakkimaru from the previous battle and turned them to demons. After Hyogo and Mutsu's deaths, Hyakkimaru regained his arms. It was the demon that took Hyakkimaru, both his eyes and arms. Tahomaru broke his deal with The Twelfth Demon by removing the eyes allowing Hyakkimaru to kill it and its statue has crumble to pieces.


Asura statue takes a form with three heads and six arms, resembling the Hindu deity Brahma

Following the Hyakkimaru regained both his arms and eyes. It actual form is a huge Blob with a crystal as its heart hidden under the Daigo castle all the time and have multiple tentacles.


Asura is cold and ruthless as it has no problem of destroying and killing humans. He considered Tahomaru and his loyal servants to be its pawns. It refused to emerged defeat when taking control of Tahomaru.


During the final showdown between Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru, The Twelfth Demon tried to control Tahomaru after the latter admitted his defeat to his older brother. Tahomaru immediately gouged Hyakkimaru's eyes to return it to him, breaking the contract. The Twelfth Demon's statue in the hall of hell was the last to be broken.


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