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The Asakura Clan is a kin group and the archenemy clan of the Daigo Clan. They fought wars against the arch-enemies countless times. Much as the Daigo Clan, The Asakura is a clan murdering not only the Daigo Clan's troops but their residents such men, women and kids and also taking them as prisoners. In the final war, they gathered 3500 troops against the Daigo Clan and to destroy Daigo's domain to end their reign. With Hyakkimaru and Midoro unintentionally help, they destroyed Hyakkimaru father's defenses and slaughtered many of his men. With the Daigo's defense gotten weaker, The Asakura Clan got the upper hand and advantage as they have won the war and emerged triumphant as they slaughtered Kagemitsu's remaining troops.

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