The 48 Demons are one of the two main antagonists alongside with Kagemitsu Daigo in the Dororo universe. They were responsible for having taken Hyakkimaru’s 48 limb parts from his body but grant him demonic powers as a side-effect. In order to restore his body, Hyakkimaru searches to slay each of these powerful Fiends. However, Kagemitsu Daigo attempted to prevent his son by killing him only to end as a failure.

The 1968 manga and 1969 Anime TV Show mentions about the same 48 Demons, but not all of them are mentioned or named. However, the Video Game version for the PS2, Blood Will Tell, revealed all 48 named Fiends & what they appeared as.

In the 2019 Anime Series, the number of demons has been reduced from 48 to 12. So far, these 12 demons that are mentioned forth all ended up being slain by Hyakkimaru. Most of them might be the more important key roll types focused from in the manga, 1969 show and the video game.

48 Demons (1969 Anime)


Demon Body Part
Deiki Skin
Bandai Left Leg
Nihil Right eye
Kyubi Unknown
Hakumenfudo Unknown
Kajirinkon Vocal chords/voice
Silver vine tree demon Ears/hearing
Midoro Unknown (presumably tear glands)
Donburibara Left eye
Birabira Teeth
Spider demon/Piggy-back Jizo Spine
Maimai-onba Right Leg
Ochii Unknown
Man-eating tree demon Unknown
Shike Nyuudou Sense of touch
Tsuchibouzu Skin
Woven sandal demon Unknown
Giant clam demon Unknown
Arijigoku Unknown
Unknown demon Unknown
Nue Right Arm
Kagemitsu Daigo Unknown

Blood Will Tell

Demon Body Part
Great Horn Voice
Homunculus Left Eye
Hellcrusher Esophagus
Grave Golem Platelets
Inquisitor Trapezius Muscles
Ogress Left Leg
Impaler Manipura (3rd Chakra)
Giant Fire Wheel Kidneys
Demon Sword Dragon Brood Spine
Twin Blade Ears
Fire Golem Stomach
Goliath Adrenal Glands
Night Terror Cerebellum
Gaping Maw Small Intestines
Mountainous Sense of Pain
Three-Tailed Fox Lymph Nodes
Six-Tailed Fox Pancreas
Beast Fiend Cerebral Neo-cortex
Dreameater Hippocampal Synapse
Wind Fiend Abdominal muscles
Hellcat Muladhara (1st Chakra)
Draconus Liver
Death Thyroid glands
Boar Fiend Pectoral Muscles
Nine-Tailed Fox Heart
Thunder Fiend Lateral Muscles
Legion Nose
Redcap Left Arm
Blood Ape Ribs
Giant Inferno Wheel Bone Marrow
Midoro Right Eye
Maimai’ Onba Vissudha (5th Chakra)
Dragon Tank Teeth
Soul Stealer Large Intestines
Bloodgore Svadhistana (2nd Chakra)
Demon Ogress Lungs
Composite Fiend Chimera

Gall Bladder, Thymus Gland, Diaphragm, Lacrimal Glands, Pituitary Gland

Carrion Feeder Anahata (4th Chakra)
Fiend Misaki Right Leg
Three Face Sahasrara (7th Chakra)
White Dragon Skull
Cursed Monk Ajna (6th Chakra)
Minotaur Pelvis
Behemoth Right Arm
Fiend Tahomaru None

12 Demons (2019 Anime)

In the 2019 Anime Series, the number of demons has been reduced from 48 to 12. Each possessed a limb or body part of Hyakkimaru, with the exception of The Twelfth Demon who failed to take anything from him initially, but ended up taking Hyakkimaru's eyes and arms after both Kyubi and Nue were slain. After Hyakkimaru killed all of the demons and the statues are destroyed, the twelfth demon is sealed away forever, preventing anyone from making pacts with the demons for human sacrifices anymore.

Demon Body Part
Deiki Skin
Bandai Nervous System
Lizard Demon Right Leg
Nihil Ears (Sense of hearing)
Arijigoku Voice
Nokosaregumo Nose (Sense of smell)
Kyubi Eyes (Absorbed by the Twelfth Demon)
Maimai-onba Spine
Shark Demons Left Leg
Nue (Lion) Arm (Absorbed by the Twelfth Demon)
Nue (Snake) Arm (Absorbed by the Twelfth Demon)
Twelfth Demon Nothing (Initially)

Arms (Originally belonging to Nue) (possessed by Mutsu & Hyogo)

Eyes (Originally belonging to Kyubi) (possessed by Tahomaru)


  • Many of the fiends/demons are related to Japanese folk tales and monster lore.
  • In the 2019 anime, after the reveal in episode 20, it is presumed that Hyakkimaru's arms and eyes would be retrieved back once he slays the sealed demon. This turned out to be false; killing Tahomaru and his servants is the only way to retrieve back his eyes and arms.
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